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Tell Us About The Amazing Older Women YOU Know!


Chances are that women over 40 are doing incredible things all around you, all the time. You just wouldn't know it by watching a movie, reading a magazine, or generally using any of our cultural touchstones to understand reality. Since the mainstream media has historically sidelined women over 40, we're taking advantage of an era where we have the power (read: the Internet) to tell our own stories.

And that's where you come in. Read a great article about an older woman you idolize? Live down the street from an 80-year-old who you want to be one day? Hit us up, and we may feature these women on our blog.


BroadMinded is an exciting space (on the stage and on the page) where women over 40 can get jazzed up about not being portrayed as irrelevant cat ladies--and where younger generations can come to be inspired and encouraged about the future. Let's all hang out together and create a better narrative about women over 40 than the one we've had. Tell us your story.

NOTE: We may not be able to feature all submissions, as we are very bare bones at the moment. It helps to include a link to openly licensed photos/video to support your submission!


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