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Say Goodbye to Ageism and Hello to Your New Idols

From jaw-dropping pole acrobatics, to quick-witted comedy and showgirls who were dancing before you were born, BroadMinded: A Women Over 40 Variety Show defies messages encouraging women to claim a 29th birthday forever. And its host site—doubling as a magazine—gives you inspiration, between shows, with stories of amazing women over 40.

BroadMinded was founded by Bay Area artist Revolva, who conceived of the project as a way to honor her transition into 40 (April, 2016). When women are told our highest value lies in appearance, and by association, youth—the years beyond 40 are supposed to be a slip into irrelevance. Fortunately, BroadMinded has no time to pay attention to ageism/sexism because we're too busy being badass at skills decades in the making.


The inaugural cast of "BroadMinded: A Women Over 40 Variety Show" included:

– 55-and-over showgirls

SHELLY ELLE – Pole dance superstar

LEELA – Bellydance queen (Los Angeles)

ISIS STARR – Burlesque legend

KAREN RIPLEY – Standup comedy sensation

NAZELAH JAMISON – Slam poetry rockstar

REVOLVA – Emcee, hoop artist, ageism's nemesis

THE BLOG is written/edited by Revolva, with occasional guests. To submit a story, click here.






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